Gunnery Sgt. Chet Wallace

Retired Marine drill sergeant and dive instructor currently employed as a dive chief.


A Marine to the core (and the corps), the Gunny is never seen unarmed or without a cigar in his mouth. He’s often described as a younger-looking R. Lee Ermey.


Gunnery Sergeant Chester Arthur Wallace (Serial Number 4236105) was born in Ada, Oklahoma, where his Aunt Sally and his old douge (An Oklahoman word meaning “Good old dog.”) Boone still live. Although portions of his service record are still classified, he’s made mention of being stationed at Guantanamo and Blount Island. Recently leaving the service, he’s decided to settle in Miami, where he plans to send for Boone once he’s found a decent house with a yard for him.

A tough but fair individual, he still has the drill sergeant’s habit of assigning nicknames to people upon first meeting them, though in times of crisis, he’ll drop the nicknames of people he respects.

Recently, he and a group of others have discovered the existence of fishmen (They call themselves Deep Ones, but fuck ‘em, they’re fishmen.) and have had a number of encounters with them in the course of the assignment of the SS Valiant’s expedition to explore the Bimini Road. After one encounter with them, the fishmen did something to him that he fears may result in his becoming one of them. He’s left instructions with the one man he trusts to “put me down if I go all fish zombie” if he cannot find a cure for the condition.

Gunnery Sgt. Chet Wallace

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